THE LEAGUE OF DELPHI by Chris Everheart

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THE LEAGUE OF DELPHI by Chris EverheartThe League of Delphi by Chris Everheart
Series: The Delphi Trilogy #1
Published by Yellow Rocket Media Genres: Mysteries & Detective Stories, Young Adult
Source: Publisher
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Ten years after his father's mysterious death, 17-year-old Zach secretly returns to his wealthy hometown in search of answers. Why did his mother move him away then go into hiding to die alone? Why did she change his name, forbidding him to ever reveal his true identity? Why was he never allowed to return home? Left with nothing and no one, Zach is desperate to reconnect with this seemingly "perfect" town. But something isn't right. When a local teen commits suicide and no one seems to care, Zach's hopes collapse into disenchantment and suspicion. Ashley, a local teenager on the fringe, piques his interest with whispers of a secret committee controlling the lives of everyone around them. Could it be true? Together, Zach and Ashley delve into the hidden life of the town and discover a dark connection to Ancient Greece and the Oracle at Delphi. Their suspicions are confirmed - but the conspiracy is more terrifying and dangerous than they ever imagined...

The League of Delphi begins with Zach White, and he makes the decision to go back to the town he used to live in to learn more about his past. As Zach gets back into life in Arcanville and begins to observe what is going on, he realizes things are a bit odder than he thought. Recently, a boy he knew when he was younger died supposedly of suicide, and no one seems to be acknowledging it, no one but Ashley Sloan. Little do Ashley and Zach know that there is something else going on.

We follow Zach and Ashley on their way to figuring out just what Arcanville is all about. There is a link to Ancient Greece as well as this League of Delphi which appears to have chapters across the world. I found myself turning the pages in order to find out what was going to happen next and what the big mystery was. It’s hard to know with all the twists and turns the book takes just who is good or bad. Book one ends in a cliffhanger and I can’t decide if I want to read book two yet. This was a pretty quick read for me. Definitely check this one out if you enjoy a good mystery and a conspiracy theory.