Lexi Witcher

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
BITTERSWEET SIXTEEN  Lexi WitcherBittersweet Sixteen by Lexi Witcher
Series: Dodie Jenks #1
Published by Createspace Independent Pub on 2014-02-22
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Young Adult
Pages: 252
Source: Publisher
Reviewed by Dani

A 300 year old curse... Bernadette's Curse Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In the 1700s, Bernadette loved young Walter Doherty more than life itself, but when he chose another to be his bride, she vowed on his wedding day that the union would be cursed forever and that if a daughter was born unto them, the eldest would know her fate upon her sixteenth birthday and every generation afterward. 30 days to live... Dodie Jenks is your typical teenager until she learns of the three hundred year old curse that will claim her on her sixteenth birthday. She doesn't want to believe this is her fate, but what if it's true? Visiting a seer does no good. She's warned to not try to break the curse. Her family struggles to keep her alive, but none of them are prepared for what lies ahead. One Hot Warlock... Leopold. A powerful warlock seeking to regain acceptance by his coven agrees to help Dodie and her family try to break Bernadette's Curse. At eighteen he's a college graduate and a social outcast. He's awkward around others, but somehow he and Dodie connect on a personal level as he works to keep her alive.

Dodie is a typical teenager until her family tells her that she is destined to die at 16. One of Dodie’s distant relatives did something to get a curse put on the oldest daughter and every generation afterward. Now Dodie has to suffer the consequences. Dodie’s family hires a warlock, Leopold in an effort to escape the curse. Dodie and Leopold had an awkward and cute relationship I liked it. I really enjoyed this book. After finishing┬áthe book I’m still not sure who can be trusted and who can’t. This book left off on a cliff hanger and I would definitely read the rest of the series.

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