CHRISTMAS WITH THE VAMPIRE By Shay RobertsChristmas With A Vampire by Shay Roberts
Published by Snowfire Press on 12/18/15
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 37
Source: Reviewer Purchase
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Beatrix, a daring college student, can’t believe she gets to spend Christmas traveling alone in Europe! But her excitement fades when a terrifying natural disaster strikes, trapping her in a remote Gothic village at the mercy of…

Augustin, a gorgeous Czech vampire with sad eyes and a tragic past. The holidays have profound significance to Augustin. He seeks to share his secrets with Beatrix, whose parents never celebrated Christmas, and soon she gets caught up in an extraordinary yuletide adventure.

Augustin becomes consumed by Beatrix and demands more than just a confidante. Much more. So Beatrix must fight him with the only weapon she has…her heart. But will that be enough to survive the night in the arms of an immortal? If not, her first Christmas may be her last.

Short and Sweet

While traveling alone in Europe during her Christmas break, Beatrix, gets lost and ends up trapped in her rental car from an avalanche. A police officer shows up and gets her out and takes Beatrix to the nearest small town in the Czech Republic. After the storm lets up Beatrix decides to explore and that’s when she ends up meeting Augustin.


A Christmas novella that does a beautiful job expressing the loneliness some people feel during the holidays. I really liked that though Beatrix and Augustin spend a short amount of time together it was something that Augustin could enjoy, because he’s lonely most of the time. This is a novella so it was pretty short but I’d love to read more about these two!



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